a. Click on the “INVITE FRIEND” button on the right corner “MORE” option below of your screen.

b. Share it with your friends using various sharing platforms,

c. If a new user uses your provided link or Refer code during Signup then he is considered as your Referred user.

d. Now, whenever the user referred by you ADD any amount above 100 will get 10% of the amount added for the rest of your life.

e. The best thing about the referral programme is that the BONUS will be allowed up to 16 Tiers. This is the Unique Selling Proposition of playing at Prime Captain Fantasy Sports.

Once a new user Sign-ups using your referral code, then whenever he ADD's 100rupees or more into his Prime Captain Account, He will be awarded 10% of the amount added by the user in his Prime Captain wallet. The referral programme exceeds up to 16 layers of persons.

The app contains 16 level referral chain. These levels are such that, if you have referred your friend and then he deposited 100rs or more then you will get 10% of that deposited amount. This is your first level. In second level, if that friend refers to his another friend and then he has also deposited 100rs or more, then your friend will get 10% and you will get 7% of that friend’s deposited amount, this chain continues up to 16 levels and at 16 levels you will get 0.1% of deposited amount. In this way, you can earn money by not only joining the contest but just by referring to other people. And then you can withdraw your referral bonus. This is the main feature which is provided only by PrimeCaptain

You can make unlimited referrals and can earn money for a lifetime even without doing anything.

The amount of Referral BONUS can be utilized either in the withdrawal of money or can be used to join any contest present in Prime Captain Fantasy Application. The most unique feature of playing at Prime Captain is that you can withdraw the amount of referral bonus which no fantasy offers.

The minimum amount of Referral Bonus can be withdrawn is 500 rupees. And the minimum amount of winning balance withdrawal is 300 rupees. And there is no limit of withdrawal of Bonus as it can exceed up to infinite amount.

Once you login, Click on More button at the bottom left corner of the screen, then click on Invite Friend option and there you will find the REFERRAL CODE.

If the user forgets to use your referral code then you would not get any bonus from the new user.

Yes, that’s the best point of playing at Prime Captain Fantasy Cricket that, you get the referral bonus up to 16 layers of referrals. So you can enjoy referring your friends.

NO, you cannot change the referral code given to you. It is permanently set and is unique for every user.

You will score points depending on how the cricketers in your PrimeCaptain Squad perform in the live matches. So make sure you pick a winning combination to help you win cash. Please check our Points System in the ‘ fantasy point system ’ section to understand the details.

Fantasy Cricket Points are usually updated every few minutes! The final points including your Squad's total and your rank are updated once the round gets over. Winners are declared and Winnings are distributed only after our Squad verifies the points.

PrimeCaptain provides scoreboard where you can see the information related to the live matches, upcoming matches, and previous matches also. Here you can see the score, live commentary and over of a particular match.